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Dekontaminace - proč dekontaminovat?

Dezinfekce,dekontaminace,čistící práce s použitím aktivní pěny

Mikrovlny: vysoušení, likvidace biotického zatížení, choroboplodných zárodků aj. technologií Mazer:

Speciální čistící práce - odstranění mechu, atmosférických nečistot, antigraffiti systém, konzervace

Biocidní stříbro - univerzální použití - kvasinky, plísně, choroboplodné zárodky aj.


Koordinátor BOZP dle zákona č. 309/2006 Sb.


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Posudky, plány BOZP, technologické postupy aj.

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Dekontaminace, sanace po požáru:

Dekontaminace, čištění knih

Lektor - práce s motorovou pilou, školení dřevorubců

Rizikové kácení a ořez stromů

Čistící, úklidové, vyklízecí práce a práce ve zvláštním režimu:

Odstranění biotického zasažení (dřevomorka, dřevokazný hmyz, plísně, řasy, holubí trus aj.)

Horolezecká technika:

Demolice - unikátní technologie manipulace s nebezpečnými odpady

Likvidace dřevomorky, chemická a fyzikální ochrana dřevěných a zděných stavebních konstrukcí:

Čištění parou - SIGNUM



Průmyslové vysavače

Čištění a odstraňování následků škod - povodně, záplavy, zátopy.

Povodně Praha

Odklízení sněhu, zabezpečení konstrukcí

Dezinfekce zařízení zasažených včelím morem

Rizikové kácení a ořez stromů - větší akce

Oldrich Vykydal, place of business Ht+, Unicovska 46, 787 01 Sumperk,
Czech Republic. Business Identification No. 11572400, Authorized person
No. 570/1431/01/Se Tel: +420 602 538 449, E-mail: info@htplus.cz www.htplus.cz

scope of activities

Demolitions of the chimney of the Sever boiler house in Šumperk:
- A decontamination of the chimney body has been perfomed for the first time,
most of waste materiále could be thanks to this operation requalified to „O“
wastes. Komplex services: procurement a permission to do away with this buil-
ding, permission to tearing down Vlastiny, procurement of a static opinion and
project documentation, procurement of a permission for discharge of water into
sewerage, removal and disposal of chimney equipment, decontamination with
a certificate from an accredited person, transport, delivery of building materiál (moulded bricks of Z type from the structure) for further use, disposal of N wastes (wastes of Ist degrese decontamination), ground lay-outs. The price depening on the offers was in the range 1,500,000 to CZK 2,000,000.
The demolition was made for the price of less than CZK 700,000,-

Decontamination after a fire – The North-Moravian Theatre Šumperk:

- A.o. the Kranzle-Krake method in dependent connection was used.
This method makes possible to work in places with the risks of successive damages due to splashing water. The waste waters are led through a water trap quantitatively either into sewerage or in the case of „N“ category wastes into suitable vessels for further processing.

Decontamination after a fire The Byzi paint shop in Ostrava:

- Extraordinary features include a method for cleaning pneumatic systems affected by the fire.

Decontamination after a fire Moravolen Jeseník:

- Machinery was decontaminated by the TRIGA method which is approved also for using by the Army of the Czech Republic.

Cleaning jobs: St. Nicolas Church Jindřichov ve Slezsku:

- The structures attacked by woodaffecting vermin. Increased health
risks due to pigeon’s droppings (7 t).

Cleaning, decontamination, and desinfection by means of active foam:
- Technologies with minimal negative effects of water and maximal utiliza-
tion of agents. Suitable above all for premises with increased demands
on hygiene (health-service institutions, foodstuff industry) where it is
not suitable to use water jetting. Decontamination after a fire (flats) – minimal use of water will decrease susscessive damages; desinfection of areas contaminated by pigeon’s droppings and the like.
We apply it with succes also in preparation of wooden structures (cleaning, neutralization etc. in one operation) before preservation. It creates negative environment for the growth of fungi, especially dry-rot. Technologies conforming to EU standards. Figures: Difference between cleaned and unclea-
ned surfaces.

Liquidation of biotic attack – Mazer:
- A technology using a directional 2.5 GHz microware ray. Drying-out up
to about 2 m thickness of masonry with reliable liquidation of biotic attack
(fungi including dry-rot, moulds, wood-affecting vermin, infectional attack
etc.) By means of this technology it was possible to liquidate dry-rot attack in the castle BOUZOV, the Pod kapličkou bakery with restaurant in the village of Malá Morávka etc. Thanks to non-aggressive action:
altars, imported furnitures attacked by exotic wood-affecting insects and originally intended to be scrapped, items in the collection of the Regional National History in Olomouc, the Dietzenhoffer pension in Prague (after floods), the Monastery Church in Sumperk and other. Adequate quaranties
according to the law No. 22/1997 Sb. will be given by us even for the liquidation of dry-rot in the second stage (no need of moisture for growth). The technology was developed with the participation of leading European experts, exacting verification trials in the Czech Republic took place in the cooperation of the Research and Development Institute for Wood Breznice, MuDr. Ivo Kovarik and Doc. RnDr.Lubomir Schanel, CSc.

Liquidation of moulds – application of biocide silver:
- The agent was developed by the Textile Research Institute in Czech
Republic by Dr. Ing. Bretislav Janovsky at the University of Pardubice. When the active substance is applied, the passing of a metal cation through
the cell wall is followed by a reaction with supphur in protein chains.
The cell is destroyed by the reaction of a sulphide complex without being able to modify in any way. The agent has been evaluated as non-toxic, Ld 0 higher than 5g/kg body weight.
This value is higher than the toxicologic value LD 50 (50 percent loss-rate) for foodstuff spirit. It will react even to much-feared Staphylococcus aureus. It can be used also in direct contact with the skin (shoe socks, bedsheets, powder for treatment of moulds on feet etc.). It is suitable as
filters for air-conditioning systems where it will by adhering to recommended procedures (common washing) guarantee the destruction of infectious germs.
Applications: The spa at Teplice nad Becvou, elementary school at Ceska Ves, the Dietzenhoffer pension after floods, the JAK Special School in Sumperk etc.

Liquidation of dry-rot: Zdobnice, the Monastery Church in Sumperk, the St. Nicolas Church at Jindrichov ve Slezsku, the Healt-servise School Sumperk, wooden buildings near Hanusovice, the castle Bludov etc.

Liquidation of moulds, algae and mosses:
- A panel building at Stare Mesto pod Kralickym Sneznikem. After the political take-over in 1989 the building activities were interrupted and the building was severely affected by water leaking into it. Strong growth of various spe-
cies of moulds, mosses and similar negative effects. Cleaning of stones, facades, antigraffiti system and the like.

Other activities:
Training for working with motor saw, investment engineering activites, handling dangerous wastes, authorized person, asbestos disposal, cleaning of
storage bins, paints, spraying, water jet blasting, mast assemblies. Combination of techniques of mountaineering and industrial climbing.
Equipment cleaning and machinery preservation. Expert opinions for biotic attack.

We work for demanding customers – ČEZ Power Plant Dlouhe Strane, Ancient Monuments Department, museums, church etc. We participated in doing away with the effects flooding in Moravia and in Prague.

We have been in busines since 1990